Windows Live Photo Gallery, iTunes sync to iPhone

Posted on torsdag, februar 12, 2009 @ kl. 00.59 by david

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I don't use Windows Vista for organizing my photos, but since my girlfriend uses it and recently purchased an iPhone I decided to take a look at the how it worked.

The iPhoto way (with 10.4 Tiger)

Since I moved to a MacBook Pro, I have been using iPhoto with OS X 10.4 for organizing my photos.

I nomally import from a camera or iPhone or card/CD/DVD.

Then I organize by creating a new album and moving the photos over to this new album that are related to an event or whatever.

In iTunes, I sync with my iPhone only the albums that I want.

My girlfriend uses Windows Vista and iTunes for syncing to her iPhone, and aked me...


"How do I delete photos on my iPhone in these albums/folders?"

Well the answer is, "You can't"

But that only because you are synching these folders in iTunes... so its just a matter of taking out the images from the folder and sync again right?

By moving things all around this way gets to be a bit sloppy if you ask me... the photo files should be left in their original place and you should organize the photos by other means. (tags, smart folders, groups, etc)


What about smart folders?

Since I use iPhoto, I have setup a smart folder for my 6 month old neice.

Smart folders allow you to "tag" a photo and the smart folder will collect photos using this tag or other criteria you setup. Tags, dates, whatever can be used to group photos automatically. Kinda Cool.

In Windows Live Photo Gallery I do not see a Smart Folder option.


What about tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery?

There are tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery! Also Groups and other methods for organizing. Tags can be added upon importing the photos as well, which is kinda cool, but maybe I dont want all the photos that come in to use the same tags, but maybe sometimes I do.

Another cool feature with tags in Windows Live Photo Gallery is the ability to search and save the search for these tags! This works kinda like a smart folder with the critera set to "contains tag"

So my next question is...


Can you sync the Windows Live Photo Gallery "tag search results" with iTunes and iPhone as a folder?

Thats coming later when I find out more.



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