Internet Explorer 8 - Release Candidate 1

Posted on mandag, februar 23, 2009 @ kl. 18.52 by david

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When is this thing going to be released? Not that I am in a hurry... just another browser to test sites with.

Today I was working along coding CSS and testing with Internet Explorer 6 & 7 and thought about version 8... when is that thing coming out?

Has it been released yet?

Whats going on?

So I took a trip on over to and click around a bit.

I also realized that it has been a while since I have poked around on their site. I like the redesign.

The footer reminds me A LOT of with the listing of links to products and such, but enough about the microsoft web site :)

I was looking under their main Products listing for Internet Explorer... strange that it does not show up there. Reminds me of past law suits and how "integrated" Internet Explorer is with the Windows Product line. So naturally I clicked on Windows and found IE under there.

So I found out that Internet Explorer 8 is out of Beta and now using the RC1 or Release Candidate 1 title.

Good to hear, but when is this thing coming out?

No one knows. I checked around on some Tech News sites, but nothing about a final release date.

I am using the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta Version 8.0.7000 with Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook Pro and testing is going slow. Read more about my testing in a future post I am working on. Check out how I installed Windows 7 with VMWare Fusion.

Installing Internet Explorer 8 RC1 on Windows 7 Build 7000