Downloading and installing Windows 7 Beta with VMWare Fusion

Posted on tirsdag, januar 13, 2009 @ kl. 02.14 by david

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Over the weekend I installed Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook Pro using VMWare Fusion.

On Saturday night I checked back on the Microsoft Technet website to see if the Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview was back up again. The page was finally back up so I selected to download the 32-bit, English version and logged into my MSN Messenger / Live account, then I ran into a problem.

You need to download the Windows 7 Beta .iso using Internet Explorer. Appearently Microsoft is using an embedded script that Safari did not support.

Ok. :(

So I started VMWare Fusion and opened my Windows XP SP2 virtual machine and using Internet Explorer, I tried again. Everything went smoothly of course and around 12 midnight I started the 4.5 hour download and went to bed.

I woke up Sunday and decided to check on the Beta download. It was all set to go, so I grabbed the .iso icon from the Windows XP desktop and dragged it onto my Mac desktop.

I opened VMWare Fusion and choose the option for install from disk image, and selected the .iso and added the Product Key which I copied from the Technet site when downloading the .iso.

It installed rather quickly. In about 30-40 minutes I had Windows 7 Beta up and running on my MacBook Pro.




Backup the Windows 7 Beta .iso onto a DVD, you need Burn for Mac OS X

So I decided to burn a copy of the .iso onto a DVD for backup.

The built-in Apple Disk Utility that should work for burning .iso files did not like the Beta .iso file.

OK :(

So I poked around online ("burn .iso to dvd on mac") and found Burn and this video on YouTube.

I downloaded Burn and everything worked great... So now off to play with the Windows 7 Beta!